Definition Of Prepayment Penalty

prepayment penalty: additional fee imposed by some loan agreements where a borrower retires a loan before its scheduled pay-off date. It is meant to compensate the lender for not realizing the anticipated interest income and for the possibility of reinvesting the loan amount at a lower interest rate. prepayment penalty is usually equivalent to.

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Should you get a mortgage that has a prepayment penalty, it means that you are agreeing in writing that if you "prepay" the mortgage before a.

Understanding a personal loan prepayment penalty and other fees. a $100,000 loan that is given with a 3/2/1 exit, which means that the.

625 percent and a 10-year term, The special feature of this loan was that although the client had a prohibitive yield maintenance penalty on the existing loan, Meridian was able to convince the lender to keep the loan in its portfolio, be flexible on the prepayment penalty, and deliver a very low rate to the client.

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prepayment penalty: A penalty sometimes charged to a borrower who makes a prepayment.

Prepayment penalties of up to 40% are included among such terms. It seems that under the Investment definition of the Synergy-CRG agreement, "short sales" are included. But even if CRG is not.

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Some lenders charge a prepayment penalty when you pay off your loan early. Read on for more information on this pesky fee.

Prepayment penalties, also known as exit fees, are exactly what they. Take, for example, a $100,000 loan with a 3/2/1 exit, which means you. Prepayment penalty : read the definition of Prepayment penalty and 8,000+ other financial and investing terms in the Financial Glossary.